Horch RM2J mkII
Horch RM2J mkII
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nunu 14/10/2014

Horch RM2J mkII : l'avis de nunu

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Condensateur à lampe à directivité variable, avec alimentation fournie. Un mode linéaire (switch bleu), pour toutes prises instrumentales. Un mode "vocal" (switch rouge) qui ramène présence, chaleur & proximité avec une compression naturelle.


3 mois
oui : Neumann U87, Bock 251, Horch RM3, Mojave M200
parfait équilibre entre pureté & chaleur

I recently had a recording session with the awesome jazz Korean singer Youn Sun Nah. She invited me to play, record & mix the music she wrote for a documentary about Korea. Since a long time I was looking for a new vocal microphone. My beloved vintage U87, since being repaired & having its capsule changed, doesn't sound good anymore - very trebly & sibilant, no body nor warmth.

Came the Horch RM2J : it brought Youn's voice to its supernatural beauty we love so much, with a perfect balance between highs & lows. With the red mode the body of the voice comes out with an incredible strength, presence, "meat" without never being muddy. Meanwhile this warmth is not an added color like a pseudo saturation. The mic stays clean, with a slight compression effect which makes things bigger when in red mode. This mic combines with elegance elements which are frequently contradictory : warmth & purity, body & air, depth & clarity. Youn was very happy with her sound, she said it was "all her". Well this mic sounded too good, I had to buy it ! I think it's the same class than a Telefunken Elam 251 I was dreaming of, but a lot more affordable.

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