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chrislieck 26/09/2012

MXL V69 : l'avis de chrislieck (contenu en anglais)

« Good but not for vocals. »

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This line of mics from MXL I don't care for on vocals whatsoever. They have a real high mid sound. I don't like this mic for vocals. I have used it in my studio daily for room micing. It is fine as a room mic but not for vocals. If you have a female vocalist that has high mid range tones and or a head voice then this mic will not work for your needs. It even makes it worse when you try to compress the signal too much. I think that the bump at around 4K is rather annoying for recording what it is intended for vocals. Now it is reasonably price and does look good.


Good for room mic application. I do love it for room micing drums or right in front of the kick drum as a room mic. The high mid bump softens well for hard hitting drum sets for some reason. It almost has a room compressed sound that is not typical from most mics in this price range. I have used almost every MXL made and I really love there mics but it seems that each one has a particular sound and so you can't use this mic for toms or inner kick drums but rather room or a less present sound. I like the look of the mic and it is very well made. The boost in the high mid range does not make this a choice that I prefer for a female vocalist nor a high sounding male singer as when you add compression to the mic it sounds worse and more harsh. I think that the idea was to have a more sensitive and better looking version of the MXL 990 but I like the 990 a great deal better and it is less in price. If I were buying a mic under the $150 range I would look around on Ebay and find a pair of MXL 990 mics and use them as a pair and you would have two great, more flat mics to use on several other things aside from vocals.

I would buy the MXL 990 over this mic.

Too much high mid to high boost for vocals.

Use this for room mic on drums it is great for that.