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moosers 04/10/2009

sE Electronics Gemini II : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The make up of the SE Electronics Gemini II is a bit more complex than most microphones, but this is a good thing as it just gives you more options and makes this mic more versatile.  The mic is definitely strictly a studio microphone as it is a tube mic and is way too expensive to bring outside of the studio.  The mic has a cardioid polar pick up pattern and has options for a high pass filter, a -10 db pad, and of course comes with its only power supply and cable since it is a tube mic.


Overall, the SE Electronics Gemini II is a very impressive microphone.  It has a stellar look and design and has the sound to back it up.  It has an extremely warm and full sound while presenting a great deal of clarity and accuracy to everything that it is recording.  I've primarily used the mic for recording vocals, but it is definitely capable of going beyond this and can be used with just about any application that you would be looking for a great sounding tube mic.  It will also work really well as any sort of room mic and for recording just about any up close sound that you need a combination of warmth and clarity at the same time, which could be anything on any given day.  This mic not only looks great and has a sleek design, but is also made really well and sturdy and is a mic that should last for a long time granted that you treat it right.  SE Electronics has made a nice name for themselves selling great microphones at fractions of the cost of other name brands, even those that share a similar quality.  They are a great bet for home studio owners who might be looking for a great tube mic to be their go to mic, but don't want to spend a couple of thousands (US) dollars.  While this isn't cheap by home studio standards, you're getting a top end mic that you can have in your arsenal for years to come...