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Boss AD-3
Boss AD-3

Multi-effet pour guitare acoustique de la marque Boss appartenant à la série AD

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Publié le 22/06/09 à 19:23
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The Boss AD-3 is a digital acoustic instrument processor, best suited for use with acoustic guitar.  It has 1/4 inch connections and is powered by the 9 volt power supply that comes with it.  It isn't a rack mountable unit as it is a stomp box.


Using the Boss AD-3 isn't a complicated process at all as it only took me a few minutes to understand exactly what everything does on this unit.  The pedal has knobs for anti-feedback (with the ability to set the frequency), bottom and top (tone knobs), as well as chorus and reverb effects.  The unit has two separate foot switches - one for anti-feeback and one for the chorus effect, both of which come in handy.  The manual for the Boss AD-3 is pretty thorough and well put together, but isn't a necessary thing to have around as it is pretty easy to learn without it.


The sound quality of the Boss AD-3 is pretty good across the board, but isn't anything to write home about in my opinion.  The parameters certainly do their jobs and the effects are pretty realistic, but I just see myself getting too much out of this pedal at the end of the day.  This probably has to do with the fact that I don't like all that much processing on my acoustic instruments because I love the way they sound on their own!  However, if you are an acoustic guitar player looking for a little spice for your live shows, this will add to your sound.


I first used the Boss AD-3 about a year or two ago and while it is good at what it does, I'm not a huge fan of the unit in the end.  It is pretty versatile and the effects are nice sounding, but I've never seen myself using this too often.  I would never use this for recording and I really just see it as a live unit if you want a little extra processing to your acoustic sound.  If you are looking for a supplement for your acoustic guitar, I would encourage you to shop around, with the AD-3 being part of what you try out as it does have some things to offer.