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Project SAM Symphobia 1
Project SAM Symphobia 1

Orchestre virtuel de la marque Project SAM appartenant à la série Symphobia

Azuma Azuma
Publié le 24/02/13 à 22:41
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Symphobia is a multi sampled pack which allows a lot of editing in terms of articulation , panning , reverb , effects and other orchestral tricks.

The general configuration and setup it quite simple and straight forward , the only thing to mention is the big size of the product itself mainly because all of the instruments were recorded live.


The sound quality is amazing , the sounds are well made , well edited , you have your own orchestra on your home pc , the sounds provided are varied , different colors , timbre , textures , tones and articulations which take the orchestral editing to a whole new level.

My computer configuration is i5 , 4 gb ra m , 2.2 processor , this product doesn't requires as high cpu resources as east west , but you should without a doubt buy a powerful pc if you want to use this product properly.


What I like most about it is the quality of the instruments , the multiple articulation , the different specter of sound , the distance between the instrument itself , this product has a lot of features which it gets a top place in the digital orchestration world.
What I also like about it is the fast library of instruments , some instruments that you won't find in other orchestral packs.

My opinion about the value of price is strictly related to the quality of it , this product sounds very very good , so the price shouldn't really be a problem , because this is a quite a safe investment.

Precision and quality of the sound I would rate 9/10 only because I've tried East West and these two products are competing with each other.

I've tried different models and packs , this is without a doubt in top 5 the most powerful and creative packs ever made.