Dell M-UVDEL1 Wired Optical Mouse
Dell M-UVDEL1 Wired Optical Mouse

M-UVDEL1 Wired Optical Mouse, Périphérique de pointage de la marque Dell.

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JeffTadashi 13/08/2012

Dell M-UVDEL1 Wired Optical Mouse : l'avis de JeffTadashi (contenu en anglais)

« A standard Dell mouse »

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The Dell M-UVDEL1 is a wired optical mouse that is commonly shipped with many Dell computer systems. It features a standard two-button function, a clickable middle wheel, and an ambidextrous hand design. It uses the standard red optical laser for tracking on the bottom, which works pretty well on all the surfaces that I have tried the mouse with. The mouse also has gliders on the bottom, so it slides on the surfaces pretty well, and it doesn't feel rough or rubbing against anything.

The right and left click buttons are totally separate and individual, which is not always the case with modern computer mice these days. That means, dust and other debris can get stuck between and under the click button panels, and it requires frequent cleaning. The gliders on the bottom can occasionally get dirty as well, and sometimes the gliders will fade over time, and fall out.

This is a wired mouse, which has it's advantages and disadvantages. You don't have to worry about replacing batteries, and if total reliability is needed, this can be a neccessary feature. This is especially the case with precision mouse work (which may be required with certain DAW applications). When battery life gets low on wireless mice, they may still function, but the response can be slow or glitchy, and that can lead to click and move errors. With the wired mouse, you get much better reliability. The downside, is that the wire can limit the positioning of the mouse, and if you are not careful on how the wire is run, it may get stuck or jammed as you move the mouse, which can also cause significant click and drag errors.

Overall, this is a fine mouse, that will work great with most computer applications, including audio and DAW applications. If you happen to own this mouse, there is no need to buy another!