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Koch PedalTone
Koch PedalTone

Préampli guitare tout lampe de la marque Koch appartenant à la série PedalTone

iamqman iamqman

« koch of the walk »

Publié le 21/07/11 à 01:05
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
Koch has offered the world a great preamp floor unit to go direct into a recording session or even into the house PA system with its built in speaker simulator. This gigantic floor pedal is the answer to someone who needs carry on amp and can go direct into a live show without any cabinets or someone how ever needs to be quite and play silently using the built in headphone jacks. This would also be perfect for someone plugging into their own power amp and using it into their rack system. You can even hook your favorite effects up to it since it has a built in effects loop on the back of the unit. This thing is very well design and uses all the modern world technology to its advantage.


Koch Pedaltone

* All-Tube - 4x 12AX7 tubes
* Independent channels -
Clean & Overdrive with separate Gain, Volume and Tone controls. *Clean channel w/footswitchable Enhance function
*Distortion channel w/ footswitchable High-Gain Boost function
*Footswitchable Solo/Rhythm function
*Adjustable Footswitchable 0.5 Watt all-tube single-ended power amplifier with Drive and Volume controls
*Effects Loop - fully buffered Bypass function


To Power Amp (0dBm)
To FX Return (-10dBm)
To Amp Input (-20dBm, filtered}
To Recording (-10 dBm, with speaker simulation)
To Headphones (0dBm, with speaker simulation)
12 VAC power supply input - mains adopter is included

Dimensions - 31w x 23.5d x 8.5h cm / 12 1/5"w x 9 ½"d 3 1/3"h
Weight 3 kg / 6lbs


This thing doesn't sound all that great compared to their other amp. This preamp is design to have an array of functionality and use. It does have a broad arrange of possible operations but this tone of it isn't that promising. I really enjoy their powertone amps and their studiotone, but this preamp falls short or anything worth owning.

Use this with any guitar you like. I find that the tone is a little buzzy and thin to my ears. So a guitar with a humbucker pickup installed would be optimum. It is nice to have this kind of idea but if it doesn't sound good then it isn't worth it.


I am not sure what these pedals come in at the new price. They have been discontinued in some stores and I am not sure the reason behind that. They are very hard to find and many places don't carry them. I have not even seen them on the classifieds or even ebay. There are alternative like Hughes and Kettner makes a similar pedal and of course the V-Twin from Mesa Boogie is always a great option.