SSL Logix FX G384
SSL Logix FX G384
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moosers 10/03/2010

SSL Logix FX G384 : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The SSL G384 is a rare and hard to find compressor. SSL doesn't have all that many older compressors in terms of outboard gear, as of course they are best known for their consoles. The G384 is an analog piece of gear, with XLR connections in the back for inputs and outputs. It is rackable and will take up a single space.


The make up of the SSL G384 is one that has been repeated a lot, as there isn't anything out of the ordinary going on here. It has basic dynamic processor parameters like threshold, attack, ratio, release, gain make up, and a compression bypass button. For those with any experience with compressors, this should definitely be an easy piece of gear to learn how to use. I've never had a need to look at the manual for the G384, so I can't say anything about it's make up...


The tone quality of the SSL G384 is definitely as I expected to be - punchy, crisp, and full of life. It absolutely has the SSL sound, all within a compact piece of outboard gear. It can be used on pretty much anything that you'd like to have some compression on, as it is versatile and you can manipulate the sound in a variety of different ways. I love using it on drums mostly, but like I said, it can be used all over the map...


Like I said to start off with, the SSL G384 is very hard to find! I've only ever seen one in a studio - the one that I have used. I do think that you can find them here and there, but you definitely need to have a keen eye and do a good amount of research to find one that is in good shape and at a decent price. Of course no matter where you find one, it is going to cost a lot of money since it is made by SSL. However, for those professional engineers and studio owners looking for an authentic SSL compressor without having to get an entire console, the G384 is a hot item to find...