Koch Multitone II 100 Head
Koch Multitone II 100 Head

Multitone II 100 Head, Tête d'ampli guitare tout lampe de la marque Koch appartenant à la série Multitone.

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iamqman 17/07/2011

Koch Multitone II 100 Head : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

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This amp is the amp as the combo but just in a head version. You get the same great tone and features and a little bit of a cut on the price for a new one. These ar fantastic amp and are extremely versatile.

This amp features Solo/Rhythm facility, Switchable Speaker Damping, Classic long-scale Accutronics Reverb. This is a tone monster amp and the big brother to the multi channel twintone amps. These are a little big more featured as far as versatility and options. There is a lot more this amp can do over the twintone.


Koch Multitone Tube Amplifier

* 3-Channels: Clean, Drive and Gain
* four 12AX7 preamp tubes
* 2 El34's
* Speaker Damping switch
* Penthode / Triode switch
* gold plated jacks
* special design 10-wiper pots for long life
* ceramic tube sockets w/spring retainers
* hand soldered tube sockets
* Serial and Parallel FX-loop
* Solo / Rhythm facility
* Accutronics spring reverb
* two Koch VG12-90 speakers (Combo)
* Recording output
* 5-way footswitch included
* 11-layer birch ply cabinet construction
* vibration-free MDF baffle boards
* proprietary transformers w/Hi Q core


I prefer the head version because I would rather play this amp with a 4x12 cabinet. This amp sound better when is gets opened up with 4 speakers and feels better too. This amp gets a little more headroom in the tone than the 50 watts. Also the 50 will feel a little more spongy in the low end because of the lower wattage.

Fantastic from front to back top to bottom. This is a three channel amp one dedicate to clean and one for the distortion. What is different to this amp is that it has a middle EQ for the clean channel. Most amps I come across and especially Fender has only volume, bass, and treble. There usually isn't a middle control knob for the clean. That is a simple but great features to have. So this makes the clean ton of this amp much more versatile to your guitar's needs and playing style.

The distortion is much more heavy that the twintone. I like and prefer the voicing of this amp over the smaller brother twintone. This one steps outside of the confines of the blues style amps and gets more in the rock arena.


At new these amps come in at around $2700, at least that is the lowest I have found which is lower than I could find the 50 watt version. which is a big kick to the groin. That is a hefty price for an amp like this. I don't feel that it constitutes that kind of price point not matter how well these things are built. I wouldn't recommend for that kind of money. If I were going to spend that I would get a used Bogner for that price and be able to service it a lot easier if anything should ever happen to it.