Boss PSA-230P & PSA-120P
Boss PSA-230P & PSA-120P

PSA-230P & PSA-120P, Alimentation pour pédale de la marque Boss.

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moosers 05/05/2009

Boss PSA-230P & PSA-120P : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The Boss AC Adapter PSA230 is the standard nine volt power supply that is designed for use with Boss pedals. I've had mine for about five years and currently use it in tandem with the Boss PCS-20 A daisy chain to power a number of Boss pedals I have. I plug the Boss AC Adapter PSA230 into my Boss TU-2 tuner and then send the daisy chain to the five or six other Boss pedals that I want to use and it powers them all. This is truly a great combination to have if you have a lot of different Boss pedals, as it makes setting up easier and makes for a lot less clutter on the stage or in the studio. While I'm pretty sure that any nine volt power supply with the same specs as this one will do the trick, sometimes there isn't always compatibility and it is nice to know that the power supply you are using suits the pedals and that no potential issues could arise. This being said, it is the price you pay as the Boss AC Adapter PSA230 isn't that cheap as far as power supplies go, but people including myself are willing to pay the price to make sure that nothing does go wrong in terms of compatibility. I'm not saying that other power supplies won't do the same thing when used with Boss pedals, but sometimes power supplies can be tricky. Taking all of this into account, the Boss AC Adapter PSA230 does its job well and when used with the Boss PCS-20 A daisy chain, will power up to eight nine volt pedals at once. For those of us who using a number of different Boss pedals at once the Boss AC Adapter PSA230 is a nice power supply that will definitley do the trick.