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mooseherman 26/04/2011

Fender Super Amp : l'avis de mooseherman (contenu en anglais)

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This is a classic tube amp made by Fender. I don't know if they still make these, the one that I used is from the 60s. This is really a fantastic, classic tube amp. There are two channels, normal, and vibrato. There are two inputs for each channel. The amp has 45 watts of power and runs to 2 10" speakers. The normal channel has three knobs (Volume, Treble, and Bass), and the Vibrato channel has the same controls, plus speed and intensity. There's also a master presence control. There's a footswitch for the vibrato.


Getting a good sound with this amp is pretty easy. There's not a whole lot of tonal options at your disposal here. However, that's not really a problem as every tone you dial in tends to be incredible. It's low wattage, so it doesn't get too loud . However, assuming you aren't playing a huge venue anytime soon, it'll be loud enough for anything you need. Plus, it'll break up at just the right volume for a smaller club.


This is quite simply one of the best tube amps I've found. With a straight, dry signal, this is perfect for 50s and 60s rock (assuming you crank it), blues, R&B, Jazz, and country. All of these genres will sound fine, depending of course upon the guitar and the player. There isn't an overdrive channel or anything, so anything harder or heavier than the straight signal is going to require pedals. Luckily, it tends to still sound awesome. I've used fuzz, reverb, delay, overdrive, and a few other pedals with it, and I've usually had fantastic results (depending mostly on the quality of the pedal in general). The vibrato sound is really awesome too. The natural amp vibrato is really cool on most Fender amps, and this one is no exception.


This is a really great amp. Simple, no frills, no extra features, just solid tone all around. I'd say this is expensive enough that it's probably not worth it unless you either own a studio, or are a top-notch professional. Most other people will be able to get by with lesser gear. However, this really is a fantastic amp. Anybody would certainly sound great with this, so if you can find/afford one, go for it!