Vox AC30 Brian May
Vox AC30 Brian May
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iamqman 12/04/2011

Vox AC30 Brian May : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)


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One control knob to rule them all! This is an interesting amp production from Vox. It is a Brian May signature amp, but the most interesting thing about it is....it only has one control knob. So if you want to sound like Brian May you have only one choice to make. If you want to sound anything other than Brian May well.....tough luck. This amp is very unique and interesting design. They have taken the tone of Brian May and give you a volume control to give you how much or how little of that voicing you need.


Well there isn't much to talk about. You either like Brian May or you don't. I'm suspecting you wouldn't buy this amp if you didn't like him. Since that is your only tonal option you have.

VOX Brian May AC30BM Features:

* True Limited Edition - only 500 AC30BMs will be built
* Classic VOX look with black vinyl covering and diamond grille cloth
* Includes period-accurate red control panel
* 30 watts of tube-driven power (4 x EL84s)
* Gold VOX logo and trim plus white piping
* Built-in "Deacy" foot-switchable booster circuitry
* Treble/mid single transistor boost with gain and bypass switches
* 15-watt power reduction switch changes volume and voicing
* Two 12-inch Celestion/VOX Alnico Blue speakers


Well like I have mentioned above you have one sound and one sound only. Sure you can try out different guitars and such but you cannot get out of the voicing. You can have a Les Paul sounding Brian May tone or you can have a Strat sounding Brian May tone. Or just buy one of his cheap Red Special Guitars switch to phase on the guitar and click the Deacy boost on the amp and you will be screaming lead solos.


My overall opinion is if you want to sound like Brian May then this would be the amp for you. If you didn't want to buy something made in China which this amp is then buy an older reissue UK made Vox AC30 and a treble booster. Just make sure you get a Red Special guitar since a huge portion of his tone came from the sound of that unique guitar and its phasing options. If you just need something to record with and you want to get that Brain May tone then I would suggest getting a Vox VBM1 and use as a direct recording simulation option. You will get that Bohemian Rhapsody solo in spades.

These are discontinued so you'll have to find one on the used market. I think I have seen them as low as $1100 used. Which is a bug splash if you only have one tone at hand and that fact that it is a $1100 used amp made in China. Save your money and get the VBM-1 or get a UK made Vox AC30.