Digidesign Impact
Digidesign Impact

Impact, Autre traitement dynamique logiciel de la marque Digidesign.

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mooseherman 09/03/2010

Digidesign Impact : l'avis de mooseherman (contenu en anglais)


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This is a pretty easy plug-in to install when you do get it. The manual pretty much tells you everything you need to know, quickly and easily. The general setup is really simple, it only takes a short time. Without getting too specific, if you have Pro Tools set up and have installed plugins, this is no problem for you to do. The functions that are possible with this compressor are pretty standard compression, attack, release, gain, ratio, etc.


I have yet to really have a problem with this plug-in in particular. I have noticed that when I use it with other, more problematic plug ins, it tends to slow down my Mac quite a bit. This is mainly because I'm using it in LE on a Macbook Pro. I've used it in full studio Pro Tools rigs where it worked just fine alongside almost any other plug-ins. I think it was mostly the fault of the other plug-ins, as I can use this one on a multitude of tracks on the same project. So in terms of performance with my setup, it's pretty great.


The sounds that come out of this compressor are pretty good. I really don't think it's the best option. New, it's about seven hundred dollars, and I think that's a pretty reasonable price just in comparison to some of the other ones out there, but I definitely wish it was cheaper, or that I somehow could have bought it cheaper. My attitude at the end of the day is usually that if I'm gonna spend a ton of money on compression, I'm going outboard. I'm slowly adjusting that mentality, but this isn't the compressor that's gonna convince me to go digital. To it's credit though, it came close.