Marshall 1960A [1990-Current]
Marshall 1960A [1990-Current]

1960A [1990-Current], Baffle guitare 4x12 de la marque Marshall.

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VishNuRoXoUt 29/06/2011

Marshall 1960A [1990-Current] : l'avis de VishNuRoXoUt (contenu en anglais)

« Can't ask for much more in a cabinet! »

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The Marshall 1960AV and BV cabinets are some of the best cabinets I have owned. I currently own a 1960BV and used to own a 1960AV. The only reason the AV is gone now is that I downgraded from a fullstack to a halfstack. The cabs are made really well, with 15mm birch comb joints and PVC cover with a cotton back. They can take tons of abuse and still work perfectly. My buddy's 1960AV has nearly all of the tolex stripped but no function damage. The cabinet has been toured around the US without a road case and still gigs today. They are truly fantastic cabinets.

The cab can run 4ohms or 16 ohms mono and 8 ohms stereo, which I have always found to be extremely helpful when you can run just about any head on the market through this cabinet. The Celestion vintage 30 speakers that you get in the 1960AVs and BVs are fantastic sounding speakers for any genre and take a lot of abuse. I play anything from ambient to heavy metal and even blues stuff through mine. Accompanied by many different heads and it can handle all of the genres fine. It's the perfect go-to amp for any studio and can survive through years of gigging abuse.

The 1960BV has a warmer sound with slightly more bass response than the 1960AV but they both deliver the goods. They have nice bass response without getting too boomy and handle high and mid frequencies really well also. Very versatile cabinets.

The fact that you can find these cabinets used anywhere from $300-$600 makes them worth every penny. The quality you get with these cabinets along with the craftsmanship that went into them is nearly unmatched. I see they get some flak on forums, but I honestly don't see anything wrong with these fantastic cabinets. I never need to upgrade from my 1960BV, it's just one hell of a cabinet. Recommended to anyway looking for a great cabinet.