Randall RS 412 W Warhead
Randall RS 412 W Warhead

RS 412 W Warhead, Baffle guitare 4x12 de la marque Randall.

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drkorey 16/04/2011

Randall RS 412 W Warhead : l'avis de drkorey (contenu en anglais)

« A Quality 4x12 Cabinet »

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This is a great looking very solidly built cabinet, built with tough stainless steel cosmetics, a metal grill, sturdy handles on each side and solid jacks (not flimsy like some other cabs) - very rugged and very gig worthy. This is a heavy oversized cabinet that was designed to handle 280 watts at 4 ohms stereo or 8 ohms mono, and comes equipped with casters and metal corner protectors. This cabinet continues Randall's legacy and reputation of building high quality guitar cabinet.
I'm not sure what speakers came with my particular one. I am pretty sure it was Randall Jaguar speakers but almost everyone else who has one seems to think they came stock with Celestion V-30's. I also don't recall the standard price I paid for it many years ago. It was worth the price.
I bought this with the accompanying Randall Warhead and it was my first half stack. The cab actually made the head sound good. It had a nice full sound across the frequency spectrum. I can only imagine that it would preform and do an excellent job with better higher quality tube and solid state heads.
I did do some novice type recording with this cabinet, and with bad mic placement and lack of knowledge, it recorded very well and pretty easily. It had a nice thick sound, perfect for metal of all types.
I ended up selling them as a pair because the head just didn't work for me and the buyer wanted them both. Otherwise, I would have kept the cab and used it with all of the other amp heads I ended up buying through the years. It is a shame I wasn't able to try it with other amps to see what it could really do.
Knowing what I know now I would have bought it again.
Overall, this is a good quality oversized cab that helped make a crappy solid state head sound useable.