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DDRUM Armadillo répond aux ddrummers sur le site officiel; votre avis



Ce membre n'existe plus
1 Posté le 25/01/2006 à 16:07:30
Salut à tous

découvert ce jour sur le forum officiel de DDRUM:



"PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:00 pm


I want to let everybody know that we at ddrum have every intention of bringing out a new module. Patience is a must in this situation. First of all we have only owned ddrum since late 2004...

With a name like ddrum we do not have the luxury of releasing a piece of gear that is mediocre to appease those who like updates every year, let the other companies worry about that... We also know the strong points and the weak points of modules past and present and will use every available technology in our development. We work with the top drum techs in our industry every day to keep major tours running, they will not use a module unless it is the best.

... As far as acoustic drums go, once again we have to be better than everyone else. We need the acoustic line to be very successful in order to generate the revenue required to design a new module.The companies that we work with have informed us that what we want in a module would take between 2-3 years to develop and debug.

I know that sounds like a lot of time but i must reiterate WE CANNOT RELEASE A MEDIOCRE PIECE OF GEAR. I understand that a new ddrum module is wanted and needed but please understand we have owned the company less than 2 years and these things take time. In the mean time we will update the 4 brain with upgraded memory and up to date computer interfacing. We should have this done by NAMM 2007

Qu'en pensez vous ? :|
voila une premiere réponse de ddrum aux multiples messages ...


Ce membre n'existe plus
2 Posté le 25/01/2006 à 18:01:55
Oui je sais :(((


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3 Posté le 28/01/2007 à 22:29:56
Ca donne koi en francais bien résumer?
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