Native Instruments Komplete 7
Native Instruments Komplete 7

Komplete 7, Bundle de logiciels MAO de la marque Native Instruments appartenant à la série Komplete.

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JeffTadashi 27/06/2012

Native Instruments Komplete 7 : l'avis de JeffTadashi (contenu en anglais)

« Massive, and everything! »

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Native Instrument's Komplete 7 is their packaged bundle product that contains most of their main synthesizers, programs, drum machines, guitar amps emulators, fx, and more. There may be a misconception that it contains every current Native Instruments product, but in fact it doesn't (unless you get the Ultimate, which I did not purchase). But it does contain all of the main products that you would likely want from Native Instruments. It contains over 10,000 sounds over 90 gb of data, and it includes Massive, Absynth, FM8, Acoustic Refractions, Reflektor, Reaktor Spark, Reaktor Prism, Reaktor 5, Scarbee Mark I, Scarbee A-200, Scarbee Clavinet, Upright Piano, Berlin Concert Grand, Vienna Concert Grand, New York Concert Grand, Kontakt 4, Battery 3, AbbeyRoad 60's Drums, Vintage Organs, Scarbee MM-Bass, The Finger, Rammfire, Guitar Rig 4 Pro, and more!

One of the greatest things about Komplete 7, is how seamless and easy the installation process is, for this massive collection of synths and programs. It is easy to choose what components you want to install and don't want to install, and it's easy to tell which programs and effects may overlap. The installation of all the synths are contained inside the same installation, and it's not like Native Instruments simply gives you an individual box and cd for each synthesizer (that would be a mess!). All of the synths and programs are activated with the same single key as well. If you have problems with one of the synths, it's easy to uninstall, or reinstall a single component as well. Be sure you know the difference between RTAS, VST, and Audio Units, in terms of plugin format, as you'll need to keep track of which of these you need to install for your computer system and DAW.

Overall, Komplete 7 is a great product if you need a little bit of everything, and you generally enjoy using Native Instrument's products. Check it out!