Beyerdynamic DT 831
Beyerdynamic DT 831

DT 831, Casque studio de la marque Beyerdynamic appartenant à la série DT.

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afterglow479 05/10/2008

Beyerdynamic DT 831 : l'avis de afterglow479 (contenu en anglais)


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I've been using these headphones for years, they're one of my favorite pairs. First of all, it comes with a couple of nice accessories. You get a nice velvet bag that cinches closed to carry and store these phones when you're not using them, which is a nice touch. The input jack on these is a 1/8" standard stereo jack, but they give you the adapter if you need to go into a 1/4" jack as you do with most pro audio equipment. The warranty you get with these phones is also great. At one point the cord ripped out of one of the ear cups on my pair because I tried to pick them up while stepping on the cord. Even though it was my fault, I was sent a replacement! The top band is adjustable, so one size fits all. The ear cups are very well padded, so these are some of the most comfortable headphones you will ever wear. There is about one inch of padding with a velvet covering. They're not that tight on your head so they won't give you a headache. Isolation is very good, it attenuates the outside world very well leaving you with a clean listening environment. The sound itself is the best point on these headphones. The bass is very clean, full, and direct in these headphones. It doesn't have that hyped 200Hz sound that a lot of closed ear headphones have. The top end is airy and wide sounding, so the music doesn't sound too claustrophobic. The mid range is of course forward and prominent. Overall the sound seems full, balanced, and very pleasant. They are a little bit expensive, but nonetheless this is a very good pair of headphones and you won't be disappointed with how they sound. I definitely recommend them, they are a great value.