Beyerdynamic DT 440
Beyerdynamic DT 440

DT 440, Casque studio de la marque Beyerdynamic appartenant à la série DT.

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webstersays 18/08/2008

Beyerdynamic DT 440 : l'avis de webstersays (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
I've been using these headphones for about 10 months. My favorite thing about these headphones is the great amount of isolation you get. These are probably the best headphones I've used in terms of noise cancellation. You put these things on and the world goes silent! That makes it great for listening to music with a lot of small details that you would miss listening back from speakers or worse headphones. They are also very comfortable, there is a lot of padding with these. The cord is very long, which comes in handy when you want to dance around while listening through these headphones. Unfortunately the cord is also not really secured that well. The cord on this pair has ripped out twice for me since I've gotten it. I've been able to re-attach it both times, but that is something to keep in mind. Otherwise there have been no problems with wear and tear. The headband part expands, so they will fit comfortably on most people. There is a good amount of bass in these headphones, so you can play some dance music and really feel it in them. The rest of the sound in these is pretty good. You can tell they are not hugely expensive, but still they sound very decent and the fact that they cut out so much background noise only helps that. They get pretty loud, but if you turn them up too much they start crackling, so there is kind of a limit on that. I have used lots of headphones. While the sound quality is not breathtaking, this pair definitely has other virtues. It is also kind of cheap, so that helps to make it a good value. I like to use many different headphones, so this was a worthy addition to my collection. I would get them again.