Ampeg BA-108
Ampeg BA-108

BA-108, Combo Basse de la marque Ampeg appartenant à la série Bassamp.

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Pjones9 19/07/2014

Ampeg BA-108 : l'avis de Pjones9 (contenu en anglais)

« Great tone! »

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This is a perfect amp for practice or for beginners. It features tools like a 3-band EQ, MP3 input and a headphone input as well. With power of 25 watts and an 8'' high output speaker this amp delivers the classic ampeg tone with a great mid-low frequency range. It also has a line out so it can also be used for live performances or studio work as well.


Aside from their durability and resistance, most classic ampeg amps also have great warmth and tone control; and the BA-108 is not an exception. The sound you can obtain ranges from a low frequency thump to an agressive, percussive treble. The manual is clear and sufficient too.


I used my Fender Jazz Bass with the BA-108 and I was quite happy with the sound I got from it. The tone I use when I record or perform depends on the musical piece I'm playing; sometimes I want a very clear, mid-low range sound, to enhance articulations and the deep end, but sometimes I also like to have a percussive, trebly tone, but without losing the low range frequencies. With this amp you can get both easily and with amazing clarity and potency; even if it's just a 25W amp you can feel the punch when you're practicing.


What I like the most about Ampeg is the tone and quality of the sound. I have tried many other models, (Fender, Marshall, etc.) and while some of them can also give you a nice tone, I think Ampeg still has the most clarity even if you are playing with a high treble setting; it makes no unwanted noises (cracks and hisses) and remains loyal to the sound of the instrument. Definitely would buy again, I haven't found a better amp for practice yet.