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sw80 12/10/2012

Yamaha n8 : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

« It is for all occasions and set ups »

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Yamaha’s n8 is an 8 channel digital mixer that connects to your computer with FireWire cable. This mixer is very well built and it is also very affordable. The EQ is very good and it has solo level control plus dimmer and mute switches on this unit. The N8 has XLR and TRS jacks on mono channels, it will allow you to basically bring in any audio source that you might have in your current set up.


The Reverb is High resolution reverb, it has an unbelievable natural and unique sound. The reverb on the N8 (Rev X) is better than any reverb on the previous models of Yamaha mixers. If you need to have an ambient and open feel to your mix then you will love using the Rev X reverb on the N8. The phantom power can be turned off and on through switches on this mixer, so if you have a condenser and need phantom power it is right at your finger tips, or you can turn it off if you don’t need it.


Each channel on the N8 has a solo switch so you can single out any channel you want and solo it. This feature is not the best feature you can have but it is very powerful, because it generally does not come on a lot of units that are of this price range. That feature is generally on bigger boards and in larger studios. The fact that this mixer is affordable and can be purchased for home use, plus it has soloing on each channel makes it one of a kind.


If you want quality then the N8 has that. If you have a lot of different gear you need to run through it then your are covered by just about any audio source you can think of. The N8 has it all and the unit is very well built. It will last you a long time. I have seen this unit used in semi large studios and in small home set ups. It is worth the money.