Les compos collectives - Deozza & unebonnepomme - Gloomy sunday

Deozza & unebonnepomme - Gloomy sunday

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Compo de Les compos collectives dans le style Dark Ambient/Noise, issue de l'album Reprisures - Saison 9

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Once again, we meet again
On such a gloomy ambiance.
It's just another one of these, sick and sad, dark Sundays
Can't help it, I'm smiling as I think of you...
Looking at the sky above, I wonder how long must I wait.
For death to bring me back to you,
For despair to fall into oblivion...
So how long before we ride out in the sunset ?
I ask of you, Reaper of Souls.
How many more of these, sick & sad, dark sundays...
Must I endure before you come for me.
I've prayed for you to come...
So hard but in vain.
Oh please, I beg of you... end me.
I have closed my eyes & embraced...
The cold touch of the grave.
I have seen the light, slowly fade to black.
As I followed you, beyond the veil.
To find solace in your wake.
I must endure no more of these...
Sick & Sad, Dark Sundays.
I rest at peace, my fate's settled.
I must endure no more...
No more of these sick & sad, Dark Sundays.
No more of these... FOR ME!!!!!