Marshall The Guv'nor
Marshall The Guv'nor
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iamqman 30/11/2011

Marshall The Guv'nor : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

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Marshall is pretty well-known for their hard rock amplifiers but they're not as well-known for their pedals. They do make some decent sounding pedals to give you basically the sound of a Marshall amplifiers but not really the feel of a an all tube amplifier. The Marshall governor pedal is a cool little pedal to get you that hard rock plexi or JCM 800 type tones. Basically this is a pedal that will emulate the sound that you would get out of the Marshall amplifier that you have ever seen or heard.


- Solid metal casing
- Passive bypass

- Gain control
- Bass control
- Middle control
- Treble control
- Volume control


This pedal pretty much has everything you would see on a normal amplifier that they would have other than the presents control knob. You have the gain, bass, middle, trebel, and level control knobs. This is basically everything you would see on a normal amplifier. Therefore you are getting the amplifier voicing in a small little pedal. This is basically the first introduction that Marshall had and since then they have re-issued the governor pedal or at least updated the pedal with a new look in a smaller case. So if you're looking for a nice Marshall type sound out of the pedal than this is the pedal you would probably grab.


They have since discontinued this pedal for quite some time now but they have a newer version of this exact same pedal with a few more newer modern features. It's a pretty inexpensive pedal so if you looking to get this paedal I would suggest bypassing it and going straight to the newer version with more options.