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Digitakt + DFAM + 0-Coast / Mother 32?



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1 Posté le 17/05/2020 à 19:22:43
Hi !

Going for a hardware setup and I have to make a few choices.
For info, I’m oriented towards some textured techno/ambient kind of music.

About the gear, just got a Digitakt and a 0-Coast and ordered a DFAM and a Mother 32 to compare all of them.
I’m considering keeping the Digitakt for sequencing/sample playing, the DFAM as a weird textured drum machine (and it’s synth capabilities ?) and I have to make a choice between the 0-Coast and the Mother 32 for bass/drones/leads/more. Then link all of it in Ableton for audio effects, recording and post processing.

This is probably a matter of taste but I would be glad to hear your thoughts about those machines, if you know other synths I should consider or if you have ideas to improve my setup.

I hope this will also help others too.
Thanks for reading.


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2 Posté le 17/05/2020 à 19:42:38
Hi !

you should first test DFAM and Mother 32 to see how you like them and if they fit to your needs. Like you said, it is almost a matter of taste.

I think a digitakt+DFAM+O-coast or Mother 32 set-up is versatile enough to start with and make complete songs.

Hope it helps :clin:

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3 Posté le 18/05/2020 à 22:38:49
Hi !

I just read on an other thread or Youtube video that the Mother 32 and the Behringer Crave (which cost a lower price than the Mother 32) have exactly the same architecture, patch point etc... (Better to verify but maybe yes it's right)
Maybe It will be more versatile to have the 0-coast, which has an other synthesis type completing the DFAM, and in the future, to have a subtractive synthesis with classic OSC as Mother32/Behringer Crave (if you liked the Mother 32).

It can be a good comprise if you have to manage your bank account. You will have more patch points etc. But anyway with 2 synth you already have many patch possibilities :clin:

Personally I think I would choose the 0-coast. Never tried one or the other but IMO 0-Coast a synthesis a bit more original.
I've no fund to pay it but I hope one day I will have one.
Have Fun :bravo::bravo:

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