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AlanForPresident 09/05/2012

Yamaha HS80M : l'avis de AlanForPresident (contenu en anglais)

« very clean sound »

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The Yamaha HS80M have been sitting on my workstation desk several times. I purchased these and then didn’t like them at first just because the sound didn’t “thump” enough for me. At first I was very disappointed in them especially after paying all that money for them. But it wasn’t untill I started reading up on mastering music that I started to understand that you don’t want your studio monitors to have a lot of heavy low end. You need a good balanced set of monitors so you can get a clean mix in.


The sound of these are good and flat. I am so happy that I understand how to mix and master music now and it makes these so much better because I was having to work to hard in my mix to over compress drums and bass to get it to thump in them. Then wonder why my mixes sounded so muddy on the low end. The Yamaha HS 80m’s havent gave me a bad experience yet. I have been getting nothing but clean masters when mixing with them. I also have a semi accoustic treated room with some foam on the walls an a few bass traps in the corner which help a lot.


Overall, these are one of the best sets of monitors that I have used and pretty sure they are the best they I have here at home. With so many different monitors on the market you need to be experimental and find the ones that will suit you the best and give you the best mix. So for these are the best ones for me, I wouldn’t choose any other ones right now. I am happy with these and will have them for as long as they hold up, not that they would go out on me anyways because they are yamaha!