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moosers 24/11/2011

Yamaha HS80M : l'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)


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The Yamaha HS80M's a set of recording studio monitors. Don't be fooled by the look, as these are no NS-10m's, and although they are modeled to look like them they don't have the same kind of sound at all. These are much more precise and full frequency encompassing. I only used these recently in a studio setting, although I had previously heard them in a Guitar Center or some other store when I was checking out monitors. They've got both 1/4" and XLR connections for hooking them up to your rig and they're powered monitors so they don't require any external power amplifier.


The sound of the Yamaha HS80M's is quite clear and crisp to me. They're great for monitoring during recording as well as for mixing but as always it's good for your main monitors to have a companion for mixing too. While I've really only used them a couple of times, I really like the way they sound as they seem to portray an accurate depiction of what is being recorded. The best way that I know to describe them would be to label them as crisp and well defined.


While I wasn’t sure what to think of the Yamaha HS80M’s at first, I’ve found that I really like the way they sound. They are a great in between studio monitor as they’ve got a professional sound but are affordable for home studio owners for sure. I still do prefer my Adam A7’s that I have at home, although those will cost you a few bucks more than these. There are a few newer sets of monitors from Yamaha in this line, so even if you can’t afford these you should check out the next step down. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the HS80M’s as they are a great set of studio monitors!