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heads on fire 26/12/2011

LTD EX-400 : l'avis de heads on fire (contenu en anglais)

« Good but clunky. »

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Made in Korea
Construction: Set neck
Scale: 24.75"
Body: mahogany
3-piece maple neck
Rosewood fretboard
22 extra jumbo frets
Dot inlays with model name at 12th fret
EMG-81 (bridge) and EMG-60 (neck) active pickups
Volume, tone, 3-way toggle controls
Black hardware
Earvana compensated nut
Grover tuners
Tune-o-matic-style bridge with stop tailpiece


This is a neat guitar from ESP. I'm not terribly into big, angular, metal guitars, but this is actually a decent instrument. The guitar balances well, yet is on the heavy side. Unfortunately, due to the size and shape of this axe, it is easy to accidentally bang into the wall, door, chair, other guitars... It plays very well - the 24.75 inch scale is a good feel, with the strings having a bit more "give" to them than others. The neck has a good profile - a bit chunkier than I would have liked, but still, the neck felt nice, and I could lower the action to a great, highly playable height.


Performance-wise, this guitar excels in the tonal category. The pickups from EMG are more versatile than the look of the guitar would indicate. I could get nice blues tones, chugging metal, classic rock, a convincing chicken-pickin' tone, and even some buttery jazz tones from the neck pickup. The crisp, sheer output from these pickups means they take to effects very well. I would have preferred some kind of coil tap for added sounds, but what sounds that are available are quite nice.


This is a nice guitar overall. It's not for me - I can't hang with the big, pointy guitar look. I feel that they are too gaudy, and I want an instrument that I could take to any situation and feel at home. However, looks aside, this is a good axe, and for people that don't mind looking like a medieval warrior when playing a gig, this is a guitar they'd dig.