Yamaha JR2
Yamaha JR2

JR2, Autre guitare Folk/Western de la marque Yamaha appartenant à la série JR.

contenu en anglais
iamqman 14/02/2012

Yamaha JR2 : l'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Yamaha is a company that builds pretty inexpensive guitar instruments for the budgeted musician. They're pretty well known for their bass guitars as well as their acoustic guitars. This is there JR to natural series which is based off of the FG series. This is a very small and compact acoustic guitar that is a pack and play type of instrument. What I mean by that is it is a good guitar for someone to throw in small bag and go mobile with their guitar intranet. It's a very smaller guitar compared to the normal standard size guitar insurance. This is a cool little outdoor type of guitar that you can almost allow it to get ruined or abuse because it's pretty inexpensive and it's one of those guitars as great for road trips or any type of outdoor singing and guitar playing activities.


This guitar is mahogany based wood and it is a compact size so the tone is a bit smaller in stature. Overall there isn't really any features of this instrument...its an acoustic. There really aren't a load of features and you certainly don't need a manual to figure out how to strum the acoustic guitar.


The guitar itself is a cool little guitar and doesn't really have that big bold sound that you were here out of a tailor guitar or a Gibson guitar. It does feature is a decent sound for someone is looking for an outdoor or mobile instrument. Overall it's a cool little guitar and if you need something that's going to be abused or taken advantage of in this is a good instrument to have.


For the price point and features and tone that you get with this guitar is is a decent instrument. this isn't going to be a main acoustic for a professional guitar player but it will get the job done with someone who needs something relatively inexpensive and cheap. I would recommend it to someone who needs a backup guitar or doesn't care how well it sounds.