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ericthegreat 26/09/2011

RME Audio Fireface 800 : l'avis de ericthegreat (contenu en anglais)

« this is great! »

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A completely professional grade interface. I track live instruments with Neumann M149 tube, AEA R84, RE20, Rode and modified Shure SM 57s , all in a real studio through high end tube pres and 1950s vintage mic pres etc... This interface has phenomenal sound quality even at 44.1.

The multiple connections allow me to connect a Lexicon hardware digitally via SPDIF. I also use all my vintage tube gear - not only to track- but to mix as well in Logic pro in the same way as you use plugins..except they are the real thing! and with the same flexibility as a plugin. So if you desire to be able to use all your analog gear to mix in the box alongside your plugins simultaneously, this interface makes it happen and Logic pro 9 is set up for it, so it is very easy.


The clock is so good it has become the master clock in the studio. Clocking makes an audible difference in terms of audible phase shift harshness. I have not yet used the mic pres, as I have plenty of amazing vintage ones by Altec, UA, UREI, and a Buzzaudio MA2.2.

The headphone monitor volume is very powerful and clean. The overall sound -if coupled with Logic pro 9- approximates the sweetness of 30 ips Ampex tape in general character and vibe (at 44.1). At higher rates it becomes more" Hollywood soundtrack" in detail level and vivid transient response as well as dynamic range perception.


getting started was simple, it actually suprised me with how easy it was.


Overall, I am shure it will sound very different depending on what DAW you have ( protools, nuendo, cubase all have their own sound character due to differing algorithms and design priorities.

But the great news is it's superb -smooth non ear-fatiguing- performance at CD quality 44.1.

I hope this gives an idea of how this unit performs in strictly professional circumstances (the studio has a IT 20 series II Furman balanced power supply conditioning) for very long hours at a time.