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ericthegreat ericthegreat

« better than the duet »

Publié le 26/09/11 à 07:23
Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
I had owned the Apogee Duet until a few months ago when I traded up to the Apogee Ensemble. Before too long I realized with some pain the need to have the flexibility of a portable interface for remote recording situations. By the time I realized this, Apogee came out with the One, so I gave it a look. Like its big brother, the One just works exactly like it should. It has that beautiful, sweet, very musical Apogee sound. And, in my view, several remarkable improvements over the Duet. One is the price. Two is the fact that it has a very nice built-in condenser mic. The built-in mic is extremely usable, with a nice frequency response that, while never sounding dead flat, doesn't suffer from the overly brittle top end that a lot of inexpensive mics have. I was very surprised by the open-ness of the built-in mic, which is a definite improvement over the MacBook Pro mic and compares favorably to an AKG Perception series. The third advantage is that the tiny plastic body makes it much easier to toss this thing into a laptop bag without worrying about hurting it. In that respect the Duet was maybe too nice. Fourth, the ONE is lightning-fast, no doubt because it only has the one channel. I can play Amplitube or Guitar Rig without artifacts at 32 samples, the lowest setting. I can't even do that well with the Ensemble.


Logic, Pro Tools, Garage Band are the softwares that i use most and it works great with them.


Getting started was quick and easy, as this was way easy than the duet was.


Overall, I use the One not just for field recording, but also as an interface when I just want to plug in a guitar and jam. But overall I love products like this, small compact and works like a charm. Not too mention you can get it at a great price. I choose this over the duet any day now. And I have had the duet for some time!