DiMarzio DP152 Super 3
DiMarzio DP152 Super 3

DP152 Super 3, Micro humbucker pour guitare de la marque DiMarzio appartenant à la série High Power.

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James... 28/12/2011

DiMarzio DP152 Super 3 : l'avis de James... (contenu en anglais)

« For those who scoop mids »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
Dimarzio was thinking very specifically when they designed this pickup. It seems like from the description that it fits a certain niche of players, and in practice I can assess that this is quite true. Basically they designed this for metal and hard rock players who scoop the mids out of their amps. At face value this seems like a fairly cheap but understandable approach. The reality is that many metal players do indeed scoop their mids...but if they scoop them why would they want to put them back with this pickup? Truth be told I don't know.

My situation is this. I do play metal and hard rock. But I don't scoop my mids. In fact I love my mids. I can't get enough of them. I bought this pickup with the intention of adding some mids to my sound without turning any knobs. I used this pickup on an RG550 along with a blue velvet in the middle position and a Breed in the neck position. What can I say? I like Dimarzio a lot.

The pickup is indeed high output, although not blistering. I would say it's close to an Anderson H3. Maybe a little less than an EMG 81. It's high enough to get some real overdrive out of an amp but it's not ridiculously hot like some pickups that are near unusable. I run it into a Bogner Uberschall most of the time so I have no issues getting gain.

As advertised, it has a ton of mids, but never really gets honky which is what I was afraid of. I can't really knock it at all. I guess it's only useful to metal players though. It can do hard rock but is too aggressive for anything more conservative than that. It's no PAF. But nobody is gonna expect it to be.