MXL V250
MXL V250

V250, Micro statique à transistors à large membrane de la marque MXL.

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sacchetta 14/10/2014

MXL V250 : l'avis de sacchetta (contenu en anglais)

« Great Mic, Even Better Price! »

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If you are looking for a mid range sounding mic for a great price, the MXL V250 is the mic you are looking for. The V250 averages $60-$80 online, but don't get too excited Canadians, you will be hit at the border and the price will go up. Even if you had to pay around $150 for this mic, it wouldn't be a bad decision. This a great sounding studio mic that is good for the professional who needs a reliable/great sounding mic that isn't going to cost a lot.

-Pressure gradient condenser microphone
-30Hz to 20kHz response
-15mV/Pa sensitivity
-200Ω impedance
-80dB signal to noise ratio
-130dB max SPL for .5% THD
-17.1mm diaphragm diameter
-19.9mm capsule diameter
-6 micron diaphragm gauge
-3.0mA current consumption
-XLR output
-10kHz boost
-FET preamp
-Clip, cleaning cloth, MXL sticker and manual included


Most liked- I'd have to go with the clear sound in comparison to the low cost. The MXL V250 is worth every penny even if you can't get it for $60. Least liked- I have to admit, it has to be the 10kHz boost. I am always finding myself lowering the 10kHz region when I use this mix. I mainly use it on vocals but if you are using a piano or guitar you shouldn't need to lower the 10kHz region. P's, S's & T's are hot in the 10kHz frequency for the V250 (and in general), that's my main reason for lowering the 10kHz.

For the price of $60-$80USD the price is virtually unbeatable. At the time of purchasing this mic I looked all around for the best microphone for price and quality. My budget was a bit higher but when I began to research the V250. The low price is an excellent added bonus. If you are a Canadian like me, this mic is still worth paying the $120-$150. The highest I would pay for this mic would be around $280.
Keep in mind that the sound quality also depends on your monitors & interface (or mixer), room you are recording or listening in, etc. Having said that, the MXL V250 is of great quality on any system. I have personally used it with about 3-4 setups and like the sound I get every time. The V250 is going to keep up with condenser mics in the $200-$500 range. It’s got a 10kHz boost so it really favours things like acoustic guitars and piano. Although the V250 sounds great on vocals and as a room mic for a drum kit too! I really enjoy using this mic in well-treated rooms. If you are using it in a room with bare walls and a hardwood floor you are going to notice a lot more noise in the high range (in art due to the 10kHz boost). The V250 is better suited for a vocalist in an isolation booth rather than a vocalist in a big open room.

I didn’t really try out many models before deciding on the MXL V250. I was thinking about a couple models of mics that I had used in the past, but ultimately decided on the V250 because of the low price and good reviews. I have also recommended this mic to others that were in the same position as me.

Knowing what I know now I would still make the same choice. There was a time where I even had 2! I do a lot of research before I buy a piece of gear so I don’t often find myself disappointed. I had read the odd review that complained about a DOA unit or what not but I take those with a grain of salt.

-Great price
-Great sound
-Comes with cleaning cloth and sticker

-Doesn’t come with shock mount
-10kHz boost
-Cardboard box