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BeyondR 08/09/2012

MXL V87 : l'avis de BeyondR (contenu en anglais)


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MXL V87 is a recording microphone that uses condenser technology to capture all the nuances and timbre in terms of vocal recordings.


What I like most about is, it's the body and the great recording that captures even the slightest vibrato and tremble of the voice, I also do enjoy the features that are a transformer-balanced output for smooth sound, 8.5 dB low-noise circuitry, also a large gold diaphragm and that it comes with a build-in pop filter.
My opinion about the value of price is great, you can buy this mic on amazon or ebay for only about 150-200$, so it doesn't cost a lot, however it provides a great sound recording that can be also used for acoustic guitar, acoustic pianos, and one of its greater features is that you can record yourself very closely to the mic and still get a great sound, primarily used for more rnb, rock, or pop songs to evoke emotions.
The precision and quality of sounds is outstanding, I really do enjoy the quality provided by MXL and buying such a quality mic for only 150$, I think think it's a great deal if you're building your own home studio or just podcasting on the net.
So I would rate precision and quality of the sounds 9/10.

I tried several condenser types of mic, I tried some that are expensive and some that are cheaper, Like this one, it provides a great quality however I would suggest checking out also the Akg Perception 120 usb, the advantage that has Akg Perception 120 usb over MXL V86 is that you can just plug and play, because of its usb connectivity.

I would make the same choice and I would search for a cheap mic that provides a good sound quality for vocal recording, however there are new types of mic on the market that can give you even better results.