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AlanForPresident 30/07/2012

Neumann U 89 i : l'avis de AlanForPresident (contenu en anglais)

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The Neumann U 89 is a very universal microphone that can be used in many recording environments. It has a dual diaphragm capsule and a rotary switch that can give you a choice of 5 different polar patterns. When I say this microphone is versatile I mean it. You can even record things with this microphone from a farther distance then you would think. You don’t have to be standing right directly in front of the microphone in order to have the U 89 pick up audio. You can be a good distance away and it can still pick it up, which leads me to think they created this microphone more for recording things from a distance. I have used many other Neumann microphones in the past and none of them can really compare to the U 89 I.


The quality of recordings you will get with the U89 matches the price point that it sells for. This microphone will cost , it is not cheap. But it is worth every dollar that it cost, I am very happy with the choice we chose to use this microphone. With the wide angled cardioid pattern, it surpasses the basic standard patterns. The U 89 can record huge recordings very clean. Meaning like a whole section of people or a group of instruments. There are a lot of uses for the Neumann U 89. I have used the Neumann U 87 and there are some similarities between this U 89 and the U 87 but the U89 is better built and smaller than the U 87. Both of them are great microphones though. I highly recommend the U 89 and the U 87. The U 89’s built in amplifier can take sounds up to like 140 decibels without having in issues or distortion. That is un heard of!