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victormelamade 19/10/2008

Samson Technologies CL2 : l'avis de victormelamade (contenu en anglais)


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I have had a lot of Samson products from when I started out recording, and although most of them I ended up replaced when my budget for this stuff grew, this is one item that I kept and I still use sometimes today even though I have a more expensive pair of small diaphragm mics. Samson is known for a ton of value, not really high end sound quality. But believe me, these mics sound very good! They definitely are not crystal clear, they do a little something to the upper mids of the frequency range that makes whatever you record with these pop out of a mix. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, but it's a nice thing to have up your sleeve if you are working on a recording that has a ton of parts and you need something to come through on top. Samson also gives you a ton of value on this package. First there is a very nice aluminum, professional looking case that is very sturdy. It has nice foam pockets for everything in it, which starts with the two mics. They also give you shock mounted clips for each microphone, a pop filter for each mic, and a windscreen for each mic. There are also switchable capsules for the mic, which can turn it into either a cardioid mic or an omni mic. There is also a pad switch on the mics in case you are recording something really loud.


I bought these mics a while ago and still use them today even though Samson is more of a novice entry level audio company. This is really a superb package for the money, and though the mics sound a little quirky, they still sound good and I find good uses for them. I recommend this to someone who wants a pair of condenser mics that they can keep around for a while and not have to resell a year later!