Blue Microphones Woodpecker
Blue Microphones Woodpecker

Woodpecker, Microphone à ruban de la marque Blue Microphones appartenant à la série Signature.

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theaudioandvideoguy 03/04/2012

Blue Microphones Woodpecker : l'avis de theaudioandvideoguy (contenu en anglais)

« expensive »

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The Blue Woodpecker is a ribbon mic that proves very very good quality for your recordings with vocals. You will get a very warm sound with depth to it without effort. it’s a very natural sounding mic. Blue Mics always provide a very good quality. I know so many different studio’s that have used or are using this mic and other mics from Blue. The only issue with these mics is the price is very steep. So don’t plan on making this a easy purchase. Once you see the price of the woodpecker you will be shocked. But you will love the quality of it. This mic cost right around 950 (I think) online now and that’s with a discount. It was a little more than that when it first came out. But don’t expect it to drop down much more. The Blue mics tend to hold up well and keep their value because customers are crazy over these things and after hearing it I know why.


My final thought on this mic is very up and down. Its sounds so good and warm, and you wont need to cut off much of the frequencies. But for the price it doesn’t do “enough” for me. I have use plenty of Shure mics that have similar quality of this for half the price. So if you are going to record from a home studio (which most of us do) then get a cheaper mic that will sound great. I just don’t feel te need in investing in a mic that cost this much just for home and demo recordings. Now if you are working with a great budget then go for it, the Blue Woodpecker will do just great for you. I guess it just depends on what your budget is looking like. Mine is good enough to have this at home just yet.