Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
contenu en anglais
James... 03/08/2011

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret : l'avis de James... (contenu en anglais)

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This is a fairly simple pedal. Volume, tone, and gain. It has a rock/rawk switch. One more interesting feature is the optional variable voltage which changes the sound according to Catalinbread. This pedal is supposed to turn any amp in a cranked marshall more or less. It’s a fairly high end pedal and the price reflects that.


Structurally it feels solid. I typically run it with the volume very low with the gain and tone around noon. I could never decide whether I liked the Rock or Rawk better. The Rock is supposed to be a plexi sound while the rawk is more of a jcm800 thing. To my ears the rock mode sounds like zeppelin while the rawk mode gives an 80's metal thickness. Both are great. One gripe I have is while the pedal feels very solid and well made, the knobs are very sensitive and easy to turn. This is a problem live and I have to resort to duct tape to make them stay.


Initially I did not like this pedal. I was running it at 9 volts and it sounded thin compared to some of my other overdrives. However, Catalinbread recommends trying it at 18v so I did. The difference was huge. The pedal got a lot thicker and fuller sounding. The Rock mode is great for Zeppelin or anything 70’s rock, just as the name suggests. It has that open midrangey tone associated with those bands. Using it through a Matchless Spitfire it really roared. The Rawk mode is more pushing and saturated. The voicing is a lot more modern. The comparison to a JCM800 is spot on. I like both modes a lot. I like them more with 18 volts.


The bottom line with the DLS is to try it at 18 volts before you dismiss it. At the usually 9v it’s just doesn’t sound quite the same. If you want cranked Marshall sounds from 1970 to 2000, this pedal with do it for you. That in itself is very impressive. The voltage caveat is an issue if you don't have the right PSU.