Aquarian Super Kick II
Aquarian Super Kick II

Super Kick II, Peau de la marque Aquarian.

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docdrum1225 29/07/2008

Aquarian Super Kick II : l'avis de docdrum1225 (contenu en anglais)


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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
I’ve been using the Aquarian Superkick II bass drum head for over a year now, and I wouldn’t use anything else. For over 6 years I’ve been a die-hard Remo guy. I’ve always used Remo heads and I only used Remo heads. But I bought a set of vintage drums that was re-headed with Remo heads on the toms, snare, and front of the bass drum. On the batter side of the bass was something new. Aquarian superkick II it read. I played around with it for a little bit. Tuned high is sounded great, tuned low it sounded great, and in the middle is sounded great. I was surprised to how great it sounded; I didn’t have to put any muffling in the bass at all and it still it had the perfect tone. This was a 20” bass that I tried it on and I decided to keep it there for over a year until now. After being impressed with 20” bass head I decided I’d give it a shot on my 22” bass drum to see how it compared. I put a new head on and with little tuning I had it all set to go. The kick suddenly sounded amazing, it gave just enough boom and had a great low end to it. Now I decided since I was already invested into Remo I’d give both a fair shot, but the Remo head didn’t have the ability to play as well as the Aquarian. I think this head is the best out there. It’s cheaper than pretty much all bass drum heads, and it sounds good at any tuning level. I would advice you to consider trying it. It is surely worth the money, and you’ll get the perfect tone for your bass you’ve been dreaming of.