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theaudioandvideoguy 27/04/2012

Yamaha CP30 : l'avis de theaudioandvideoguy (contenu en anglais)

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The Yamaha Cp 30 is an electic piano that has a very unique and different sound. Very rich for its time. The Yamaha CP 30 was actually one of the most affordable electric piano’s with good quality back in its production time. Most other brands that where very good back in the day create digital piano’s that where great quality but cost a lot. So during that time Yamaha came out with the CP 30 and I guess you could say undercut a lot of other brands and that’s how the CP 30 became so popular. The CP 30 is an electric piano that you really don’t want to take it anywhere. You pretty much want to keep this at home. From my personal experiences its pretty fragile. I have had a lot of problems with this. Maybe I wasn’t being careful enough or something but it seemed like every time it got moved something else got messed up. Also the jack where the pedal plugged in at ended up getting a little loose and we had some issues with keeping it plugged I correctly and even had to rig it up with some tape in order for it to work properly.

Not that our Yamaha CP 30 was defective it was just through a lot with all of the moving and transporting it from place to place eventually it just starting messing up on us. But its definitely worth the money spent and you can never go wrong with a Yamaha piece of equipment. I loved playing jazz music on this, though im not a pro but I can mess around with some jazz chords and they sound great. A friend of mine has always played classical pieces on it and it sounds amazing. Every single sound bank that it comes with has a very thick solid classic sound that you will love. I am not too sure what these are selling for now as far as the price. But im pretty sure the price isn’t too bad if you can find one.