FabFilter Micro
FabFilter Micro

Micro, Filtre logiciel de la marque FabFilter.

contenu en anglais
songboy 05/08/2011

FabFilter Micro : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)

« Very smooth for a digital filter »

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We use this on a Mac Pro duo with snow leopard, Logic 9 and Ableton 8. There has been no issues to date. You will not need a manual for this plugin if you are familiar with a basic lowpass/highpass filter. It's a simple but solid plugin. The interface is quite pleasing too look at actually and very easy to read and navigate. All the functions are on the face with the exception of the "buttons" on the bottom (input/ouput and Midi Learn). Clicking on these makes the knobs for these parameters fade in.


The software works perfectly fine in our setup. It loads quickly and no crashes or glitches whatsoever. This plugin is a very well tuned machine. The filter is very smooth especially for a digital one and has brought me back to believing that digital filters can sound good. I have been using this for 5 months extensively


What I like most about this filter is it brings a good name to digital filters. I started using the lowpass plugins that were built in Logic and Ableton respectively. Both were pretty bad with the ableton one being the worst. The big problem was when quickly swiping the filter, it was filled with all sorts of gaps and even little noise artifacts. Basically not smooth at all and therefore and ear sore. This filter is a huge step forward. It is much more rounded and fluid even when switching between highpass and lowpass via two buttons easily found on the interface. Midi learn those two buttons for some sweet filter flips. In all fairness this filter is not perfect. It gets sort of metallic and brittle with a lot of resonance. I guess that is the nature of digital filters though so maybe thats not fair. I often use my Moog Lowpass (and now my slim too so I can do stereo unlinked of course) on most of my filtering needs and its truly hard to beat. They are unbelievably full and warm across the board. So instead of saying "not perfect" I should say its a different beast. It definitely sounds good though. The studio bought the full package of 10 plugins. I've liked all of the fabfilter stuff so it was a good investment.