frankyp - One World

One World

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Compo de frankyp dans le style Power Pop, issue de l'album ONE

One World

Présentation / Description

                ONE WORLD / paroles

C1 :   And the world / is spinning / round and round

         And the people    / don’t look around

         You can see     /   all heroes upside down

         Going nuts   /  as the world goes down

we’ve got one world

We’ve got one life

We’ve got one nature

And we kill her

Poison her

Destroy her



We go to war



We bite the hand

That feeds us

And we die !



R1 :   

(= R2

= R3)






they say

There is


One way

But no

Don’t buy that

Respect life

Or die


C2 : Something / has to happen / right now

         Someone has / to begin / a new life

         It can’t be / only you and me

         We gotta call / every heart to begin.


C3 : give the children / a chance to know how

         Life is spinning / round and round

         Leave ‘em a chance / to look at butterflies

    Run and breathe and watch the sun set down