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JimboSpins 25/09/2012

Universal Audio 4-710D : l'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)

« Push that Tube Gain »

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The Universal Audio 4-710d is well worth the money spent. I have never had a bad experience with it and know several people that also use it and have no complaints about it. With 8 high quality 24 bit channels and a tube gain that wont get distorted easy when you decide to push it a little, you just can not go wrong. The price of the Universal Audio 4-710d is a bit pricy coming it at just under 2000 dollars. I have been using it since January of this year after purchasing it around Christmas time. The sound is truly great, all of your microphones will sound better instantly. I have recorded with the 4-710d with instruments (mainly drums) and it shocked me, and I was able to see why it cost so much.


Using the compressor on the 4-710d is very different and will take some time to understand. It took me about 3 months before I felt comfortable enough to use it all on my own without the need to pull out the manual. I had to use the manual a lot at first, it was well written and was not too bulky. The general set up of the 4-710d is simple, but getting to understand the unit will take some time and patience.


My overall recording sound has really went to a new level with the Universal Audio 4-710d. It has taken the quality of my microphones to new levels. Especially the drum microphones.


On the 4-710d you can really push the tube gain to the limit and not have to worry much about distortion like you do on so many other units similar to this one. The sound quality is full of color and if you learn to use the compressor the right way and use the manual , you will get an even better sound. Do not try to use the compressor by just messing around or trial and error. You will just be wasting time, get to know your manual so you can use it the right way. This is a must have, hat goes off to Universal Audio for the 4-710d.