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sw80 04/03/2013

Grace Design m101 : l'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
The Grace Design M101 is a microphone preamp that cost a good amount of money. At first I didn’t think that it could possibly be worth that much and then I heard how good it made the mics in the studio sound and I was completely shocked. There are LED indicators right on this unit and it has a built in power supply so no need to plug it into the wall. Though they say this is mainly for Ribbon mics I do think it sounds great with dynamic microphones as well.


There is a high performance line driver (output) amp and HPF amp. I have used many microphones over my years as a musician and many times microphones with color your sound and you will not notice sometimes until you get the chance to work with a microphone amplifier like this one. The Grace Design M101 has done some amazing things for some of my microphones and the microphones that we record with a lot. I think it was well worth the 750 dollars to purchase this little box.


It packs a powerful punch with what it does on my microphones. There is a switchable high pass filter and will work if you need phantom power or no phantom power. You can take one of your cheaper microphones (as an experiment) and use this with it and watch how much better they will sound instantly. If you take a decent ribbon microphone with this amp then you will get great quality. I highly recommend any home recording musician who has invested money into a decent microphone and still isn’t happy with the sound or feels like it is being “colored”.


The Grace Design M101 will take care of any problems you are having and give you a crystal clear sound without any effort on your part. There are other modules that are similar to this one, but I still say this one is the best under 1000 bucks.