Zero-G Phaedra
Zero-G Phaedra

Phaedra, Sample de Synthé de la marque Zero-G.

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songboy 27/02/2012

Zero-G Phaedra : l'avis de songboy (contenu en anglais)

« Well rounded synth for modern music »

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This is a multi-sampled instrument setup to mimic a large workstation style synthesizer. The configuration is very simple if you are used to running Native Instruments Kontakt. Setup is as simple as installing, then opening Kontakt and adding the library. After that, all you do is navigate the menus, select your patch, then start tweaking/playing. The GUI of Phaedra is very well done. You get your basic controls of each patch like Cutoff and resonance, LFO options and attack, sustain, decay, release of both Amplitude and Envelope. Pretty much everything you need with the exception of not being able to really design your own sounds (as oscillator waves are not an option). The GUI is tight and compact, but not messy or hard to read/use.


The choices are quite varied. You get Pads, Leads, various synth samples, drums, effects and sequences. They definitely seem to be targeted towards electronica styles but still offer a wide ranging usability, especially with the pads. They can be gritty and noisy, but also extremely smooth and beautiful. I run this Library in Kontakt 5 on a Macbook Pro with an RME Fireface 800. Sometimes I run Kontakt as standalone, but mainly I use it in Ableton 8 and Logic 9. I do quite a bit of electronica ranging from indie style rock electronica, to progressive house and even some techno, and this library fits wonderfully in all of those.


What I like most about this Library is the Pads. They are extremely versatile and offer a lot of depth and warmth as well as movement. The pads are what I primarily use this library for. I also like some of the synth samples, but I find I have other plugins that do a better job at that. I also like the effects selection as it contains a lot of staples that electronic musicians reach for when needing a good transition. I find that some of the synth samples are a weak so I don't really care for those all that much. I paid $199 for this unit which isn't too bad. It is a little dated so I didn't expect to love everything about it and I don't, but what I do like, I believe is worth the money. I have used tons of different software synths. My main ones include SynthMaster 2.5, Omnisphere and Sylenth, but I still reach for this library because I love the pads so much. Yes, I would recommend this and buy it again.