Steinberg Nuendo 2
Steinberg Nuendo 2

Nuendo 2, Séquenceur généraliste de la marque Steinberg appartenant à la série Nuendo.

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Steinberg Nuendo 2.01

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La tant attendue mise à jour de Nuendo 2 est arrivée ! Disponible ici : PC et Mac

Selon Steinberg, la version 2.01 apporte les corrections suivantes (en anglais...) :

- Problem causing "Corrupt Projects" fixed
- Mac: Performance optimization
- Crash fixed: Working with very long audio files
- Crash fixed: Removing Automation Tracks of "Virtual Guitarist" plugin
- Crash fixed: Cross fade Editor
- Crash fixed: Stepping through Mixer Channel with certain plugins (e.g. "Reverb B")
- Crash fixed: Deleting Audio Tracks
- Crash fixed: Moving Audio Events including Automation data with Range Tool
- Several other possible crashes fixed.
- Short Cross fades making noises fixed.
- ASIO Direct Monitoring fixed
- Stereo Plug ins in Surround Channels muting other speakers fixed
- MTC Sync at project start times other than 00:00:00:00 now works correctly
- NTSC LTC Timecode is now transmitted correctly from SMPTE Generator plugin
- Drop frames of NTSC Timecode are now also correct at project start times between 22:00:00:00 and 00:00:00:00
- VST Instrument plug in Automation can now be set to "musical" grid in order to follow tempo changes
- "Edit Mode" improved
- Timeline Positions roundabout 12:30:00:00 (at sample rate 44,1 KHz) now work without glitches
- Import of mp2 audio files improved
- Feet and Frames timeline is now calculated correctly
- Several Mixer Routing improvements and fixes.

A vos marques, prêts... téléchargez !
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