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Massey Plugins TapeHead Saturator
Massey Plugins TapeHead Saturator

Simulateur de bande/vinyle de la marque Massey Plugins

Prix public US : $69 incl. VAT
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Publié le 03/08/09 à 22:20
Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
The whole process of installing the Massey Plugins Tapehead Saturation plug-in was quick and pain free.  While I don't own the full version of this plug-in, there is an almost full functional plug-in available on their website which I have.  The only limitations are that you cannot save your settings and they will reset each time you open a session.  You also can't use automation or anything like that, but you can print with the effect and use it for an unlimited amount of time.  After downloading the plug-in from their site, it only took a few minutes to get everything going and I was using the plug-in in Pro Tools in no time.  I didn't have any compatibility issues or any other problems really - while installing it or after.  The interface of the software couldn't be any easier to use as it simply has two knobs - one for drive and one for trim and a switch to choose between normal and bright tone.  On the full version of the plug-in there is also a setting for medium on this switch.  Everything is really easy to follow with this plug-in (like all Massey plugs) and for this reason a manual isn't necessary.


I am currently running the Massey Plugins Tapehead Saturation plug-in on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM.  I run the plug-in in Pro Tools LE 7.4, but have also run it on a Pro Tools HD system.  It doesn't seem to matter which system I run it on as it seems to work great on both the Pro Tools LE and HD systems.  I am able to run a few of them at a time if I want, and I'm sure you could have a ton of them up at once but I've never had a need to try that.  It won't take up too much processing power at all, so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to run a lot of them at a time if needed.


I've only be using the Massey Plugins Tapehead Saturation plug-in for a short while, but I feel I've been using it a lot in that time because I really like the way this plug-in sounds!  I don't use it all of the time or on everything, but whenever I feel that I need to warm up a sound and there is nothing else I can do outside of the box, I turn to this plug-in for inside the box tape saturation.  I've used the plug-in on vocals, drums, and bass guitar and it seems to work great on all of them.  I would suggest not expecting this plug to transform your dry digital signal into a warm analog one, but it will indeed help if you need to bulk up a tone a bit.  The best part about this plug-in is that you can try the whole thing for free and that the price for the full version is incredibly cheap!  Overall, the Massey Plugins Tapehead Saturation plug-in is a great plug-in that I would highly recommend all home studio owners to look into as a cheap but great sounding plug-in.