Tascam DP-32
Tascam DP-32

DP-32, Studio intégré numérique de la marque Tascam.

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vadesriux 13/02/2015

Tascam DP-32 : l'avis de vadesriux

« Great recorder, but more suited for bands »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent Cible : Tout public
I've had the DP32 for 7 months. It has been reliable since then, without a single crash or other problems at all.
Incredibly simple and fast to assign channels, link them to tracks and start recording. That's as simple as that!
I am not a professional on mixing / mastering, but I have a good ear for sound. The so "talked about" preamps issue is no issue at all. The recordings made on this machine are super clean and absolutely noise free. The only recorded sound that I find not to be absolutely true to the original is my KORG KRONOS "German Grand" piano sound. It simply isn't recorded with the original acoustic sound. But again, very close to it.
The reason I am changing to a YAMAHA AW2400, despite being a older machine, is that I want to sync it to a YAMAHA QY700 recorder. Also, the automation of the faders is an important factor. And finally the mixing / mastering options and 4 independent effects on each track are way beyond what the Tascam can do.
But then again, the AW2400 sold at the time (2006) for more than 2.000€...

And that is the part where I find the DP32 lacking: mixing options and effects available. You can only have a single effect to all channels while mixing and a second effect when mastering.
Also, if you want to program sweeping pan effects from left to right, for instance, you simply can't because you would have to turn and turn the pan knob endlessly without being able to achieve that effect at all.

But then again, for a small band this Multitrack Recorder is excellent. It lets you record up to 8 channels (inputs) at a time, in 16 or 24 bits. For a guy that works more with synthesizers, rhythm machines, etc, the AW2400 has more options available inside the machine.
Finally the construction quality it top notch. Sturdy, with excellent faders, knobs and buttons. Only the Gain knobs are a little flimsy. but that's the only exception.