rancserocs 09/05/2018

Korg Volca Bass : l'avis de rancserocs

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i bought it the last year,i think it'a very cheap product in its features

no external connections[except of midi in,clock for other volcas]
no ac adapter
keyboard too tight so it is impossible to play chords
knobs have too much slope[in my opinion]so fine regulations are difficult[adsr?]
ifound the selectables 3 osc useless and overrated
even if it's analog modeling frequency is not stable,tempo too[better with midi clock signal]
suitable for low/medium frequencies,high at your own risk


very portable [but where? i'm not travelling all over europe with my volcas]
sound very good but no accent or velocity
cutoff and peak very good in response,rate nice too
very simple visual sequencer

ultimately i think it is only a looper,quite boring,that sound as a bass but
far from being a bass line,funny for the first week if you are a beginner

it's hard to sell used,so i suggest to add 150/200 euros to take a better product