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FP User 01/11/2008

Ensoniq Halo : l'avis de FP User (contenu en anglais)


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The master arppegiator is awesome. An arppegiator that works as a pattern sequencer on individual 16 channels, the features are easy to reach and. With the beats groove mode, you can create really original track arppegios. The keyboard is pretty good. It's semi-hammerweighted, very expressive, better than the average synth keyboard.

Price paid: $350 USD

Sounds are good quality, the piano and strings are the best sounds of the Halo. Some wind sounds sound plastic, bassess are good. WIth the Z-plane filters you can create great user sounds.

This synth travels at the speed of life. Screen is small but it doesn't need to show too much info, everything is easy to reach with the controllers provided. User friendly. You'll spend some time learning the arppegio features. EMU concepts are very different from the competence. That's why I found some problems when I bought it, but not because is a synth hard to use.

Lightweight. A synth with plastic covers. I prefer this because is easier to carry. Harware seems robust, but the ROMs are not in the best place, they are vulnerable on its location. You have to put this synth in an appropiate position, or you can damage the installed ROMs. Buttons are too noisy when you press them, they seems won't last too much. Knobs seems good, they are well ubicated and separated. .

For $380?? A revolutionary concept on arppegios and the programming software. I'll spend lots of hours to use it properly. Be sure to have at least one of this EMU series on your hardware gear.

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Posted by: balma ( 1-, 2004)