Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox
Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox
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themaddog 07/06/2011

Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox : l'avis de themaddog (contenu en anglais)

« Great device! »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
This is a talk box. It works by connecting between an amplifier and a cabinet. It essentially is a speaker - powered by a horn - that is connected to a vinyl tube. Insert the tube in your mouth, play some overdriven/distorted guitar, move your lips and throat as if you were forming words and voila! Instant talking guitar.

The talkbox is connected after the amplifier with a 1/4" speaker cable, and connects before the cabinet with another 1/4" speaker cable. It has a switch to either engage or bypass the talkbox. With the talkbox engaged, the speaker cabinet is disabled.

I can't think of any features I would want added for such an effect.


It's very easy. The manual offers a little bit of advice and some warnings on how to properly use the talkbox, but for the most part, it's really about experimentation. Just avoid amplifiers that are too powerful or set too loudly and you should be fine.


This is generally a guitar effect, but it could technically be used with an electrified instrument.

It's fun to do all the Pete Frampton/Alice in Chains stuff with it, or write your own songs that use the talkbox effect.

If you plan on recording with it, a pop filter between before the microphone is a must.


I think it's a good value for the money. In the nearly ten years I've owned one I only ever had it go down once because the horn blew. It's not a very expensive nor difficult repair, and is probably inevitable with this type of equipment.

If you're looking for a talkbox, and by that I mean a real talkbox, look no further than this one. You're much better off with the real-deal over a talkbox emulator. Not only does it look cooler, but it sounds so much better.

If the vinyl tube it come with gets dirty, replacements can be picked up from Home Depot for relatively cheap money.